Mint Tractor

I'm sorry, I apologize, please forgive me for doubting all of you who have told me of the need for the Mint Protractor. I got it today, and just did a quick check to find that the cartridge is indeed off set up with the VPI protractor that comes with the Supercout/10.5i. I read the directions and it is a very tedious, and slow going procedure, so I'll get back in a while and tell you if I hear any differences.
Hey Guys, several weeks ago when I aligned my cartridge and VPI JMW 9 on a Scout with Super Platter, using a MintLP, I inserted three foam rubber wedges in a triangular fashion around the platter between it and the plinth and they held it in place with no problem. These wedges are the ones that women use to put make up on their faces .
Palasr and DougDeacon,

Agree regarding NOT having to secure a high mass platter including the Mint.
However I did anyway, per Yips instruction and for reasons Tvad points out.

For those whom skill level is not up there with Palasr, Doug and others , just follow the instructions and tips in Yips excellent manual. You will get there.

My guess with inherently less tracing errors with 12 inch arms, Minting a good one should have mind blowing results.

For those that have a table that will accommodate more then one arm.
Anyone here Mint more then one arm on their table specifically a 12 inch-er?
I confess. I can't get myself around the platter without nudging the platter or mirror. So tape will be employed during the Minting process on my table. Try spending at least 5 minutes getting the overhang set correctly on the protractor surface, then move on to the first null only to find that you've nudged things just enough to see space between the line and the stylus. AARRGGHHHH!!!

I've compromised and now tape the mirror to the side of the platter instead of the surface. No more marks, no more movement, no more slinging my eyepiece across the room in disgust. ;-)
What was the result of your Goo Gone trial? Did the tape marks come off your platter?