Miracord 50H Turntable

My dad had a Miracord 50H turntable. Unfortunetly, he recently passed away and the turntable has been offered to me. I know little about it in regards to quality and recommendations as to what cartridges might be a good match. I have been looking to get a turntable and thought this would be useful for the time being. My pre-amp is an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A. The amp is McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe with a Revision A Gold uprade and my speakers are Thiel 3.6's. Any help out there? Thanks.
my Miracord 50H turntable one day the changer not working, records still drop but the tonearm not playback just one record and rest. Anyone know how to fix it ?
i had a Miracord in the old days with a Stanton 681EE cartridge that brought me great pleasure. If the table is in good condition, it will bring smiles to you as well.
Nostalgia, OK. Sonics-forget it! Buy a used modern turntable, not a changer.
I also previously posted a thread on this topic about idler drive turntables and mentioned the Miracord 50H,one of which I purchased in 1971, using it not as a changer but in single play mode. I challenge the fact that it was a lower end product. I still have a copy of High Fidelity Test Reports, 1973 edition. The 50H's list price was $199.50, the same as a Thorens TD 125AB and Garrard Zero 100. A Dual 1219 was $175. The only turntable which was more expensive was the Empire Troubador 598II at $350; however, this came equipped with a well thought of Model 1000 ZE/X cartridge. Interestingly, an AR-XA was $90, and a Lenco L-75 was $99.95.