Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar

What can you guys tell me about these and the omnipolar sound?
I've heard it takes getting used to and that one usually likes or hates it. I've also been told that they are good for classical but not so much for rock.
What do you think?
If you've actually heard these please give me the rundown.
Thanks for your help.
Hey Petewhitley,

Good to hear form you again! We did talk about the
DP speakers awhile back. They are the same pair
here for sale buy a buddy of mine, Great speakers!
Did your 550's come with bass port plugs? If so, you might
want to try that if you are unable to pull them off the back
wall enough.
I also find that because of the Omni design of the speakers
that the conventional way of pointing a direct firing speaker at you does not apply. I have one speaker toed
out about 1" or more that the other to even things up real nice.
Depends on you room and it's reflections. Lots of tweaking to get these babies to really sing, but man when you get them set up right, you will know it. Plus I have around
100 hours or so and they have really opened up and relaxed.

The bass was rubbery sounding for a long time, now that
is going away and they are really starting to punch hard
with no boomy overhang. They to were over loading
my room, but I have them about 3.5' off the back wall
and that seems to be the best spot. I'm sure they will need about 500 hrs to be completely broken in.

BTW, on my carpet I also find I like them better "without"
the floor spikes.

Bassbusters are resonators tuned to a specific frequency which allows them to "absorb" excess energy in the range around that frequency. This really, really works...no audio magic or other mysticism is involved.

I gather that your device isn't designed that way. I wouldn't hold my breath, but you might get lucky with the homemade approach. Give it a shot - can't hurt!

Good Luck

How do these compare to the Vandies and Maggies? As a former Maggie owner, I'd be interested. Thanks,

Did anyone notice that Vann's has the Mirage 150 monitors available at app. $150/pr. I suspect that some A'goners routinely spend that on wine by the glass (okay, by the bottle, anyway).

Well that bites the big one. I thought the vanns.com Omni 150's were sold individually like the 550's so I paid $159 a pair of black ones off of Ebay. That's what happens when you don't read. I could have had the blacks for $119 or the nice cherry ones for $149. DOOOHHHH!