MIT 330 shotguns, how do they compare to the newer

Hi there, Im a big fan of my MIT 330 Shotguns and was curious to see how they do against the newer ones. at only $150-200 a pair their one of the best cables on a budget I have found.

Anyone have experience with them and the newer shotgun series? Also would my better upgrade to get an older pair of 350 CVT's or 350 EVO Shoguns and wait to find a pair for around $1000? or would it be one of those things where Im just taking things too far?
I have always been a fan of 330 SG and still use them on occasion. I also have 350 ref and 350 SG EVO and used them for years. They are more revealing and a lot more transparent with more air than 330 SG. However, I like the 330's because they have such a nice tonal balance and are so holographic, plenty revealing but forgiving at the same time. The 350 series is not forgiving and can be ruthlessly revealing which I find irritating at times.

I can't comment on any of the newer MA models, too rich for my blood.
thanks Pops. I have to say I think there awesome cables for the same reason.

Thanks a million
I have used MI330's throughout my whole system... At the time I felt they where easily the most neutral and well balanced I.C on the market...Lately I've been doing a lot of upgrading with power source, filters and a/c cables...Things are changing sonically and not all for the good...I've been getting one heck of a glare on upper register piano etc.. very annoying.. Could be something burning in?.Just on a hunch I replaced my mi330 from DAC to Pre Amp with a more modern pair of XLO's I had kicking around.. and Whoa! not only was the glare
gone but the whole stage felt more resolved...

I'm reluctant to say this because of the magnitude of my investment in these I.C's But I'm getting a feeling that they've been easily surpassed over the many years.
Question: I have both the MIT 330 Series Two Terminator IC and the AudioQuest King Cobra IC, I can't decide which one to use, any suggestion or comment? Thank you.