MIT Oracle MA Digital AES/EBU

I have been on a digital cable quest for a while now. The cable runs from my Logitech Transporter to Berkeley DAC and I have found through my trials that it is one of the most critical paths. The cables I have tried all sound very different and alter the sound even more than changing interconnects. It was surprising to me as I thought these changes would be subtle. I have tried most of the typical cables discussed (Valhalla, Emotion, Sextet etc) and seem to always return to my MIT Proline Digital Reference (the newer one with the metal connectors). Most of what it does seems right however I find it somewhat slow, dark and muted. I am inclined to try the Oracle but boy is it pricey and I am leery of just how much of that will be corrected. Any owners of this cable out there that may be able to comment on it's general sonic character and even how it compares to the Proline Digital Reference? I have found zero information about it and never seen it discussed...Thanks!!

I have had the Oracle MA-X digital cable for a couple of days and now have about 48 hours of signal through it. I am sure it has some more break in to do but I have a feel for it's overall character and impact on my system. The word that comes to mind is "amazing". I think the sonic character is similar to the Proline Digital Reference but it is multiplied at least ten fold. The first think I noticed was the depth and scale which is so natural and detailed. I really feel as if i can walk around and touch the voices and instruments. The closest I have come to this sort of impact is when I went from using the dac in my Theta Casanova to my Berkeley Alpha Dac. This cable is certainly like a component upgrade and may very well be the biggest change I have ever experienced in my system. It really makes no sense to me and I have no idea how this works but man is it real. No way a digital cable should have this kind of effect. Just wow.

I am posting this because I know there a quite a few forum members who have also been looking for digital cables. I have been through many in this quest...Nordost Valhalla, Stealth Vardig Sextet, Kubala-Sosna Emotion just to name a few and this is not even close. Each of those cables did somethings very well...the Nordost laser detail and holography...the KS musical warmth...the Stealth's massive , deep and realistic soundstage....wrap em up and multiply by 10. The Oracle MA-X is so much better than any digital cable I have ever heard in every way. I can find no weakness. It is expensive but relative to the impact, I have no issue with the cost.

I'm gonna like this.
I hope to receive the AES/EBU version of this excellent cable next week. Since I still have the RCA version on loan, I can compare them using my dCS set up. If someone is interested, I will report my findings between the two cables.
I have went through a many digital AES/EBU cables e.g. Stealth Varidig Sextet and Kubala-Sosna Emotion, but I have not been able to get MIT Oracle MA-X to my hand as MIT has not been so popular in Europe.

Currently looking around a new AES/EBU cable and I would appreciate a lot if someonw could clarify a more detail about the differences between MIT Oracle MA-X, Kubala-Sosna Emotion and Stealth Varidig Sextet...
It would help me tp get a some level understanding about "greatness" of this MIT cable before placing any order.

The following things would be a very helpful to know as comparison:
- How about soundstage vs. Stealth?
- How about musical warmth vs. Kubala-Sosna?
- Other big improvements like dynamics vs. Stealth and Sosna?

...All recommendations are always a more than welcome ;=)
My system is a pretty neutral sounding and includes the following items:
- Lyngdorf Millenium MK IV (Special Mod by Lyngdorf),
- PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and
- Dali Helicon 400 MK II LE / Helicon 800 MK II / Magnepan 3.6 Speakers
- Speaker cable is my neutral Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun - Beated way more expensive Tara Labs ISM cables
Just want to note that there is another newer Kubala Sosna, Elation. It's a step up from Emotion. Probably could/should be thrown into the discussion.
Hi Rja,

Kubala-Sosna does not have as Elation AES/EBU. Only Emotion series has it. That's pity ;=(