MIT oracle v2.1 question.

Looking at this cable to go between my Sim Audio Moon phono preamp and Audio Research Ref.2 MKII preamp. I don't know anything about the MIT line, does the ultra wide, wide and EX pertain to just the speaker cables or to the IC's also? Does the version 2.1 IC's have a switchable impedance, if so what would I set it to going into my Audio Research preamp. Sorry for the noob questions but I've not looked into MIT till now.

Thank you very much, this clears up a lot of my questions.
I need a balanced cable, I might go with the V2.2 if I can find it.
I'm used to using cables like Tara 0.8, Nordost Valhalla and Synergistic Tesla Apex. I wonder how the MIT Oracle v2.2 sound is compered to these cables?

Thanks, I have a better understanding of the MIT line now. I want to do some rearranging so I need about a 4m length balanced cable.

"Wide, Ultra wide, etc... only pertains to the older MIT series speaker cables."
And to the new MAX rev.2's; using the ultra-wide for Spectral