MIT Shotgun Question.

I have shotgun S3 from cdp (rotel 1072)to rotel pre 1069(in bypass mode) to rotel 1075 amp.The setting from cdp to pre is set at high as pre input sensitivity is 100kohm.The setting in shotgun S3 is set at low for pre to amp as amp is 33kohm.
Does anyone using Mit interconnects stay with the recommended settings?Reason I ask is when I set the IC going from pre to amp everything is very clean and crisp but lacks in musicality and is very cold sounding.There is just no smoothness to the music.But if I set the IC to medium from pre to amp the sound stage opens up and though there is a slight loss of clarity everything sounds more rounded.smooth and open.
Could the specs on my amp be wrong?This is not just with music from cdp but with all sources.Tv,dvd,bluray.Any thoughts from MIT users would be appreciated.Thanks.
Well, You'll be sorry in the long run. Problem is, your MITs are far superior to your amp and preamp. Your MITs are letting you really hear your preamp and amp.
I agree with Philefreak. Also are the cables broken in. They take at least two weeks.
I noted that you only have 100 hours on the cables, which is not nearly enough time for them to have fully burned in. I can tell you from personal experience that MIT cables sound wrong before they burn in. Therefore, you are doing yourself a great disservice by letting them go before giving them a chance.