MIT Z Center - new power products

Does anyone have any experience with the new MIT power products - the Z Centers? They have new two receptacle and a six receptacle series type power factor correction products. Looking for any experience and if they are any different than the old Z products from MIT.
I am now using a hydra 2 for my amps and a hydra 6 for my front end, with python PC's from wall to hydras. I have shunyata PC's from components. I changed my digital player at the same time, so it's not a true test, but the detail and resolution, along with "dark negatives" is amazing. I would recommend the Hydras. Take care.
I have a hydra6 demo that I have tried, but it was a used unit and I traced some noise in my system to it, so I'm waiting for a replacement unit. I have not gotten a Z strip for comparison. So I guess I'll have to pony up or keep researching. I am really interested in hearing about the MIT parallel circuitry, from someone who doesn't sell them. So, I guess I'm not much help, yet. If you find out anything, let me know. Thanks
Nope - I didn't receive any replies.
Do you have any experiences to share between MIT Z strip and Hydra 6?
I saw your post after doing a similar one. Have you gotten any farther with your search?
I was comparing the Z-strip and the shunyata hydra6, and had similar questions.

Thanks for your time.