Mitigating the Bubble

Today after many years of trials and tribulations I have mitigated a sonic aberration a horizontal phase anomaly in my center stage.  While the center image was always stable and outlined it seemed narrow and bubble like and I would need to shift my body angle to really lock in the image. This was obvious on many CDs and LPs .

I have many man made fixes that helped the situation but never a total cure. Some of these are now permanent fixtures on the ceiling in 2 different locations. I made my own acoustic panels filled with long hair sheep's wool and 3 Argent Room Lenses.  I have laminar flow lenses that focus and stabilize the image across the front stage. I have built and treated an acoustic fan that overcomes the  boundaries with in my room by reducing interference. I have loaded my speaker cabinets 3 times with new drivers and now an outboard crossover. This was after my Essence 30s speakers and my Dunlavy SC4s.  ..All my components are hard mounted and direct coupled to the floor...on rock solid racks and speaker stands, custom mono bloc amps each on their own stand. All of these devices and angles and positions made the image wider and more focused but I still had that little  bubble and shift before me. Always less annoying with each new device and tweak.

So, your probably saying to yourself hurry up and get to the end. The end finally arrived today after having applied a contact enhancer 7 days ago to just 6 RCA ends out of many connections in my system.  Today with a friend who has been here a hundred times sitting in the Chair playing the same music as usual he said there was a wider sweet spot. I despise that term but he said it and not me.What we both heard was a super stable center image that was a few feet wide and not just one. The bubble was gone. The head in the vise was gone.  Off came the straight jacket and helmet. What I have now in this space intime is a glorious fully extended soundstage with all the meat on the bones and the features of talking heads on a real live performance stage. 

I have probably used eight different contact enhancers over five decades but this one blows my mind. This product  Nano Flo is the ultimate in transparency. 






@steakster Nano-Flo totally lost credibility with his $1000 power cord

Nest week if it tests out to be no better than a $10 Amazon cord I will apologize to everyone publicly, pull it from ebay, not list them on Amazon and definitely not send any more to studios and musicians for their opinions. Main tests will be posted on my website regardless, but I expect to see what has happened in the past testing, to continue in this lab too.

The new kid

Often times Chris, reputable organizations test for efficacy prior to making claims of efficacy. What tests are you referring to above? You haven't performed any tests! 


Would you please set the stage for the test to come so that the public may evaluate the results?


Who is performing the tests?


Were they furnished with two cords? One $5 Home Depot power cable and one $5 Home Depot power cable treated with Nano-Flo? Did the two cables measure identically prior to the application of Nano-Flo to the one? Rudimentary knowledge of quality control methods for a Chinese made mass produced $1 at wholesale ($1 may be generous) might cast doubt on positive or negative findings since your initial approach might not capture an appropriate baseline measurement between the two cables.


I am interested in the baseline electrical conductivity versus the improved electrical conductivity change you initially claimed prior to having the data.


It would also be helpful for you to explain what was treated on the power cord. I assume it was the contacts since the photos of the cords seem to indicate they were molded at manufacture which would prohibit the treatment of anything internal to the cable.


Listen, to all the sincere believers for the now key-lime "contact enhancer", more power to you. Enjoy your systems in any way you like, you’ll get no flack from me. Awesome. Heck, it would even be great to learn that it cures the common cold although after several days of implying otherwise, its now not advised to drink it.


Once again, to be clear. I dont know Krissy, I don’t know Chris, its obvious their business relationship was never formalized appropriately or it wouldn’t have been so easy to separate. I have not used any "contact enhancers" in the past and I have no skin in the game either way. It should be painfully obvious by now that if I didn’t have any desire to take up Chris’s generous offer previously for a free sample it is unlikely that I would ever spend money to try it in the future.


The only thing that truly bugs me is the aggressive "here I am" entrance and the claims made in advance of any testing otherwise. Chris has clearly stated that his Lexus’ car stereo is his only system and asks you to take him at his word for something he has no knowledge of. Do so at your own risk because this has every marker of a carnival midway.


I have never met a world class chef who uses a Ginsu knife...and I’ve never met a wold class manufacturer of audio equipment who uses Ginsu contact enhancer. We have, however, seen countless instances where great audio companies include power cables with their gear FOR FREE similar to the one Nano is trying to sell for $1,000 and up. You pays your money, its your party.


@rixthetrick I find you to be a great guy and I also believe you (and to some extent Tom) to be sincere gentlemen. Unfortunately, I never stick around long enough when I see a "faith healer" in action...its probably my loss.


Post removed 

It now appears that the amazing power cord now comes in a version 2.0. The photo of the Nano-Flo power cable from earlier last week now seems to have a cover heatshrinked onto the same cable. No one should be skeptical though...especially considering the below description of the cable taken directly from the Nano-Flo website. Please take note of the comment about cable coverings and the extra attention paid to the ad copy which seemingly missed the spelling of "lengths". Making it up on the fly exposes all the sausage making...


NanoFlo tm RFI inhibiting Power Cable with 10 year warranty. Standard lenghts $1500.00

This unassuming plain jane power cable (in final production stage) outperforms those costing thousands more, and it does it with our unique, exclusive Nano technology available only at NanoFlo. You can’t see our technology but you will hear the difference. No fake coverings, caps or lights sticking out, just quality you can hear.

Backed with a 30-day money back Guarantee!




@ghasley - are you kidding me? hahahaha
Yeah, again, nobody in the World would suspect it’s the same cord in a different dress. Standard lengths because his "manufacturing processes can’t make them custom lengths".

Maybe he's marketing to those who aren't intelligent enough to afford $1500 of disposable income??

Don’t pee in my pocket and claim you’ve gifted me a mobile fish tank Chris.

@rixthetrick I know right? This guy Chris must not quite get what some of us have been saying. I don’t know whether the now green juice makes a positive difference in some systems or no difference but he is in credibility free fall on the power cord.


NanoFlo tm blind test produced a 100% success rating!

Chris, care to share the testing methodology for the blind tests?

Can’t wait to see the fuses...

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