Mixing Ethernet Cables

Hello All,

I have a question about mixing ethernet cables of different ratings.  My house was wired 20 years ago with Cat 5 cable.  My listening room is in the basement which is two floors away from the router.  Wifi to my streamer has been OK but occasionally drops out so I would like to connect my streamer via ethernet.  Running a new cable (Cat 6a or Cat 8) from the router to the streamer would be very expensive (labor cost).  I can split existing Cat 5 in the basement with a switch and run a patch cord from the switch to the streamer.

Would running Cat 8 from the switch to the streamer be of any benefit given that the signal is only Cat 5 from the router to the switch?



First, see if you can fix up your wifi.  Get a phone or PC based Wifi analyzer app, they are free.

Try to pick the least used channel.  If you can use 5 GHz that's usually less congested and higher bandwidth.


Holmz and btscott are correct.  Just use the copper Cat5 and you'll be more than fine. 

Holmz and btscott are correct. Just use the copper Cat5 and you’ll be more than fine.

If one is starting from scratch then a cat8 makes sense, especially if they are moving a lot of data and doing video editing or some other thing.

(CAT 9 sound even better as cats have 9 lives…)

But to upgrade an existing system, used exclusively for audio, it makes no sense.

It would be like pulling out the motor in a Prius, to put a Tesla motor in it, in order to drive through a school zone… Or like using alligator shoes to walk thru Walmart.
Technically it may be better, but effectively it is not.