ML 432 not enough?

I am using a ML 432 to power up my Magnepans 3.6R. Since the beggining it felt I was not getting enough oomph. Could this be possible? This thing is 2X400 wpc at 8ohms. What am I to do? Next thing is the 33 or 33h which is seriously more expensive (esp. for those of us in Europe). Any feedback welcome.
336 is 800 watts in 4 ohms and half the price of the 33h. I had 3.6's clipping my Mcintosh 1201's. Room size playes a huge roll, upgrading to the 336 shouldnt be that big a jump. Good luck!
Problem solved - Plinius SA-102 is superior to entire line of ML. As monoblocks performance exceeds the conservative rating of 400 wpc into 8 ohms. Used pair would be about $6000. The maggies really like the smooth power of Plinius too. Best wishes on your quest.
The 33h would have (in my opinion) plenty of juice. I own the 335,33h,and the 33. There is honestly no comparision between them.
The power supplies for the amps is what really make these amps sing. The big mono's regenarate their own 60 hertz signal. Power supply is also much bigger in the mono's. Their respective shipping weight for 2 channel is 335=150lbs,33h=440lbs,33=870lbs. Guess what, power rating of 335 is 250w @ 8, 33h is 150w @8, and 33 is 300w @ 8power. When I originally bought my 33h the audition incuded my old CJ 11, KRELL FPB 600, and PASS . In terms of bass slam the 33h had better bass control, definition and slam. My speakers were and still are the WATT PUPPY 5.1. I have owned maggies and yes they are very good with the proper juice. Please remember that the best thing is to audition them if you can. System and room interaction always play a HUGE factor in the equation.
Good luck.