ML no39, Wadia 850, Classe 1.0, or Sony?

I would like to hear comments regarding the sound characteristics of the following 4 players: ML 39, Wadia 850, Classe 1.0, and Sony Xa7ES. I am looking for a player with lots of bass, very dynamic, with lots of air. I listen to popular music so I would like a player that rocks. A polite sounding Naim or EMC1 is not my cup of tea. I listened to them both and found them to be far too polite. Of course I need to find the right balance so that I don't introduce a harsh digital sound either. Thanks Tom
I think that the Wadia has the characteristics you desire. It's the only one that seems to get synth bass right (below 30hz)if it's on the CD Try the balanced connection for best sound.
The Resolution Audio CD50 is the best buy. They can be had used for around $1600. If you only listen to bright popular music and never to well recorded music, however, then the Wadia's rolled off treble might better equalize today's "translatable to boombox" pop music.