MM Cartridge Talk

What’s your favorite MM cartridge and why? Bonus points if you compare your favorite to other MM carts you’ve tried and how they differ. 
What Chakster said.  The only one of my MC cartridges that is clearly up with the best of my MM or MI types is my Ortofon MC2000.  Other LOMCs I own are also very good, and I do listen to them frequently, but no one of them stands clearly above the best of my MMs or MIs, such as Grace Ruby with OCL re-tip, B&O MMC1, Acutex LPM320, Stanton 981LZ, etc.  I don't mean to say that only vintage MMs need apply; I have a hunch that there is a new generation of MMs or MI types that are also competitive with kilobuck LOMCs.  This is only my opinion, using the only ears I own.
IMO, @myjostin should have made an addendum, as his initial Charisma failed in the first 4 months.
A few of my favorite MM carts are the Stanton 681EEE and the Shure V15VxMR for vintage/out of production. A few of my fave current models are the Goldring 1042 and the Nagaoka MP500. Grado makes some really nice sounding carts too, but they’re MI carts. 
Shure Ultra 500Shure V15V xMRStanton 681 EEE
Tops - the Shure Ultra 500 (9.3 g. w/ effective mass of 0.165 g) - more detailed, solid performance across all frequencies and tracks every platter I've ever had without effort. Naturally, it should be paired with a lower mass tonearm like an SME Series III.
@technick, I have a Systemdek IIx that has a Grado Black on it.  I am looking to upgrade and am considering a Nagaoka MP300 or MP500 as an upgrade.
I have a reasonably neutral amp (Simaudio Moon 340idpx) and B&W CM5 S2 speakers.  I like the Grado because it compensates for the B&W's which I consider too bright.
In light of my system would the Nagaoka be a good balance?  Long term I want to swap the speakers for something with more warmth and for that I am considering Dynaudio or totem.  All of this is subject to change until I sit down to a serious audition.