MM, MC, or MI cartridge

Can somebody briefly describe the difference in the sonic characteristics of these types of cartridge, if possible?

I’ve never had a MC and I’m wondering what difference it would make.


I read this thread for information on MI cartridges, and I’m still kind of unclear about that. I have several mm cartridges I love and a couple of mcs that I love too. I get the differences but can anyone talk more about moving iron, or are they “lumped” in with MMs Ie same characteristics as MM cartridges? Thanks in advance or I can use this for a new thread?

Yes, MI types have been given short shrift here. No, they are not the same as MM. Any vinyl aficionado ought to listen to a few different MI types. Unfortunately, only Grado and SoundSmith continue to build them in the modern era. MI types have lowest moving mass, can have medium to high output and high compliance. Inductance is lower than MM and higher than MC. Acutex, B&O, and a few others made excellent MI cartridges back in the day. 

@rvpiano -- Don't toss that Virtuoso!  It is basically an AudioTechnica VM95 body.  You can easily replace the cantilever and stylus with any AT-VM95 stylus.  I've done it, as have many others.  I replaced the stock stylus with an AT-VMN95ML microline stylus.  Very nice improvement.  There are several guides on the internet on how to do this.

I went from MM to MC and love it. Pro Ject X2. Sumiko Moonstone MM to Hana SL.