MM, MC, or MI cartridge

Can somebody briefly describe the difference in the sonic characteristics of these types of cartridge, if possible?

I’ve never had a MC and I’m wondering what difference it would make.


i have every confidence that the Koetsu Rosewood Signature would work.

 Just can’t spend that much right now.

OP, sure… understood. But you can move through the different possible solutions that you can afford to something that is more toward your tastes.

Rvpiano, do you realize that over a less than 3 day period from first listen you were first positive and then fairly negative about the Hana? Give it more time. Based on the date and time stamps on your posts, you claim to have listened for 20 hours in a span of a bit more than 30 hours. (When you went from 30 to 50 hours of listening to the Hana.) Whereupon you seem to have thrown in the towel. And if it’s not tracking orchestral music well , you might consider very slightly increasing VTF until the suspension breaks in. Say 2.1g instead of 2.0g.

Post less and listen more.

@rvpiano, I have 245 hrs. on my ML.

It went thru many changes in that time.

25,60,80 hrs. were all changes for me. Then @ the 213hr mark it came of age, sought of speak. I level my Head shell & not the arm (SME-309). Head Shell wires have a lot to do with the sound. Maybe look for OCC copper wire & or drop the rear of the arm if possible. I also have the Cadenza Black that I switch from time to time, but can't seem to get the bottom end rite for my likening. I hope this helps.