Did anyone hear Evolution Acoustic's MM3s at Rocky Mountain Show? If so, could you share your initial impressions?
I had the pleasure of spending considerable time with the MM3s at RMAF. They sounded excellent, although I think the setup and room held them back in a few areas- bass integration, focus, imaging, and soundstage depth. After living with a pair of MM3s for two months now, I can say those are all non-issues. As a matter of fact, I have never heard a speaker do those things so well in my room (except for bass integration on the 5As). It is a true statement speaker. Get ready ain't heard nothin' yet!
Cant afford them, but love reading about them and their sonic characteristics. The MM3 are definitely on my "to audition" list.

>>I loved them :)<<

You should. You're the distributor.
Not to mention owner of the company. Does it get any more transparent than that?