MMF5 arm needs re-wire/new arm?

My MMF5 Profile arm needs a rewire job, broken wire inside. My question should I have it done, get a new arm, replace it with a REGA, what options will work? Any input is appreciated. Steve
I'm guessing you mean "Pro-Ject" arm, not Profile. The Music Hall MMF is a budget turntable designed to be used only with the stock arm. To mount a Rega or other arm, you'd have to cut out the old mount, fabricate an arm board of some kind and then add a new arm which would likely cost more than a complete turntable replacement and require considerable patience and skills.

I would take the opportunity to re-wire the arm with Cardas or something. You should be able to do that for around $250 or so. For that price, it's worth hanging onto.

I'm sure you could also buy the stock arm as a replacement part from Music Hall, or if you get lucky, find a parts unit with the arm intact and lift it out.