MMF7 - Anniversary Ringmat - Tonearm Height

Has anyone upgraded their standard felt mat on an MMF-7 TT with the Anniversay Ringmat? I understand that for some TT's there might be some tonearm height adjustment required. Before I shell the money for this tweak I want to understand what's involved. Thank you.
There are a couple of set screws on the lower part of the tonearm tower, toward the back of the table. There are some other allen head screws back there, so look them over carefully to be sure that you have the right ones.

When the correct ones are loose, very carefully wiggle the tonearm tower by its base to loosen it, but not so much that it moves by itself. Also, be sure to put the plastic guard back on the cartridge before you do any of this.

With the new mat installed and a record on the turntable, take a piece of ruler or stiffened paper or anything that you can come up with that has horizontal straight lines on it. Remove the stylus guard and place the stylus on the record and place the horizontal lined guide behind the tonearm. Line up the tonearm with the marks visually. If you need to adjust up or down, put the stylus guard back on and remove the tonearm from the record and back in the clip. Adjust until you have it dialed in. If you are using the Eroica cartidge that came with the turntable, then you may find that the sound is better if the front of the tonearm is about a gnat's hair higher than the back of the tonearm. By that I mean just barely.

If you have not done this before, plan plenty of time and relax. I like to put the turntable somewhere like the kitchen table where I can sit down.

I don't know specifically about the Ringmat. If you get one, check as above first. It may not require any adjustment. However, the mat that I use is 3mm thick and I needed to raise mine a little.

I hope that this help. Some other posters may have some better and easier suggestions for you.
Thank you so much for your excellent response. Yes, patience will be a virtue and I will follow your advice. I've also learned that the Anniversary Ringmat is slightly thicker than the felt mat and will in fact require adjustment. Happy New Year.
I use my MMF7 with the Anniversary ringmat. I like it better than before, and don't have to bother with the clamp anymore. I mean, I was happy to use the clamp if it improves the sound, but the sound now is better and it is even easier. I noticed a decrease in surface noise among other things. I also purchased the ringmat support system, and so when I adjusted the VTA I moved the base of the arm a little on the high side to give room to experiment with different VTAs. It is much easier raising or lowering VTA with the support system than having to mess with the set screws. Although I have not found VTA to make that significant a difference. Michael Fremer pointed out (in his DVD 21st Century Vinyl) that you get changes to needle tracking angle more by adjusting tracking weight than by arm VTA adjustment, and it is a lot easier to adjust tracking weight on most tonearms. So I guess I am giving the mixed message that the ringmat support system is nice, but that maybe it isn't worth it anyway.