MMG Placement

I am considering taking advantage of the trial offer on these speakers. I have owned larger Maggies before. Amp will be Adcom GFA-555 with matching preamp.

My question is placement in my 13x22x10 ft room. One end is a glass slider with plastic vertical blinds. The other end is open to the kitchen above 4 ft. Floors are laminate. Seems like placement should be along the long wall, but how far in front of the wall given the narrow 13 ft width? Also, how long a cable run is reasonable?

Other furniture in the room includes 9x10 L-shaped couch, recliner chair, computer table and TV stand. I can't see a way to sit in the sweet spot, so my goal is to fill the room with sound and be unable to locate the speakers.

If there is a way to attach pictures, I have some of the bare room.
MMG's have a very small "sweet spot" and require exact placement like 1/8" to get even that and you must be sitting as well.A BAD choice for room filling , long wall is OK .
They also are VERY inefficient and need a good 400 watts a side @4 ohms to be at their best.
They will sooner, or later, blow most amps not rated 2 Ohm stable as well. Been there, done that.
A fine speaker for what you want is Gallo CL-3 which Underwood Wally is selling for $999 on here now .I bought a pair of these and they are everything Wally claims them to be. A very good speaker not just for the money, but good period.
Ideal would be an Ohm 1000 but that will run you 2k.
Oh, one other thing, The Gallo tweeter had a full 180 degree dispersion, and why I can't tell you but said tweeter is very little effected by 10 ft wide ,floor to ceiling sliding glass door in my condo.
fwiw I use SMGa's in a room 13' x 30' x 8' and the balance is terrific with beautiful bass, however, I have them placed at one end of the room (about 5 feet out) not along the side wall like you want to do.

also fwiw the SMGa is supposed to be a better balanced speaker than the MMG which is supposed to be a bit bright

Thank you I will check on the Gallos. If you had to describe the sound relative to Maggies, what would you say?


The only way I can place them on the short wall is in front of the kitchen pass-through (4 feet high). If I do that, I could create some distance from the half wall, but probably not 5 feet.
Its just my opinion, but I think Magnepan is overrated. I put my 1.7's next to my Vandersteen Model 1's and felt that the Model 1's were definitely a better speaker. Next to my Model 2's, the 1.7's sounded defective.