MMG Placement

I am considering taking advantage of the trial offer on these speakers. I have owned larger Maggies before. Amp will be Adcom GFA-555 with matching preamp.

My question is placement in my 13x22x10 ft room. One end is a glass slider with plastic vertical blinds. The other end is open to the kitchen above 4 ft. Floors are laminate. Seems like placement should be along the long wall, but how far in front of the wall given the narrow 13 ft width? Also, how long a cable run is reasonable?

Other furniture in the room includes 9x10 L-shaped couch, recliner chair, computer table and TV stand. I can't see a way to sit in the sweet spot, so my goal is to fill the room with sound and be unable to locate the speakers.

If there is a way to attach pictures, I have some of the bare room.
Its just my opinion, but I think Magnepan is overrated. I put my 1.7's next to my Vandersteen Model 1's and felt that the Model 1's were definitely a better speaker. Next to my Model 2's, the 1.7's sounded defective.
I suggest you take Magnepan up on their trial offer.
I think the Adcom would be plenty to drive the MMGs or 12s, and long speaker cables shouldn't be a problem.
Getting room filling, speaker disappearing sound might be a challenge, but you won't know until you try.

It's been a while since I've owned them (MG12 and MG1.6), but I enjoyed the heck out of them while I did. Great speakers.
"I could create some distance from the half wall, but probably not 5 feet."

even four feet would probably suffice in that situation and the half wall thing may (or may not who knows) work out pretty well (also you could hear the stereo in the kitchen which might be nice)

my two cents
Kythyn, A much fuller,more dynamic sound with better instrumental seperation , depth and better highs, lows and equal mid-range . Read what Underwood wally on here says,its true.
The" Absolute Sound" had an accurate review as well;
"a compact speaker that offers detailed ,refined, dynamically expressive and improbably expansive
and full-range sound " .

Just what you say you want and that was at 1600$ .
MMGs should do very nicely in that space. It would be better to get them out a bit further from the front wall - 3 feet being significantly better than 2 IMO. A robust SS amp is a good idea for MMGs, but 100 to 150 wpc should be sufficient.

However, I'd agree that these are probably not the best choice for a broad "sweet spot". Wider dispersion designs, like Gallo or Ohm, might be more suitable.