MMG Placement

I am considering taking advantage of the trial offer on these speakers. I have owned larger Maggies before. Amp will be Adcom GFA-555 with matching preamp.

My question is placement in my 13x22x10 ft room. One end is a glass slider with plastic vertical blinds. The other end is open to the kitchen above 4 ft. Floors are laminate. Seems like placement should be along the long wall, but how far in front of the wall given the narrow 13 ft width? Also, how long a cable run is reasonable?

Other furniture in the room includes 9x10 L-shaped couch, recliner chair, computer table and TV stand. I can't see a way to sit in the sweet spot, so my goal is to fill the room with sound and be unable to locate the speakers.

If there is a way to attach pictures, I have some of the bare room.
MMGs should do very nicely in that space. It would be better to get them out a bit further from the front wall - 3 feet being significantly better than 2 IMO. A robust SS amp is a good idea for MMGs, but 100 to 150 wpc should be sufficient.

However, I'd agree that these are probably not the best choice for a broad "sweet spot". Wider dispersion designs, like Gallo or Ohm, might be more suitable.
An opportunity has arisen to acquire Maggie 2.7 QRs for less than $1000. Are they too large for my room (13x22x10)? I would acquire these and, in the future, upgrade the amplification to feed them.
based on my 1.6's in a 13 x 23 x 8 room I would say no problem and in fact they might fit ideally.
Yet another alternative has presented itself as well - 10 QRs for $600. I have never heard a pair of these but would ask the same question about suitability in my room