A year ago, I bought a pair of MMGs.  In my 13x22 room, placement was a challenge but finally worked it out.

Speakers are powered by an Adcom GFA-555.  The only source is a CD player through a passive pre-amp.

Now I have a little more to spend and would like thoughts on the following options:

1) Mye stands for the MMGs

2) The DWM panel with the MMGs (secondary question - can this panel be placed on a side wall perpendicular to the MMGs?)

3) 1.7s

Open to other out-of-the-box suggestions as well.

The goal is always to attain that Magnepan soundstage.  Musical tastes are female vocalists, jazz, blues.
Thank you for the responses. I am beginning to wonder if the MMGs will work in this room.

If I could come up with a $2000 budget for amp and speakers, was willing to move away from the MMGs, wanted similar clarity and soundstage, and would place the speakers on either side of my 55" tv and closer to a wall than the MMGs, what would be the recommendations?
Used Belles amp and Gallo A’diva speakers on their tube stands and a used sub, preferably a Gallo .
Killer sound, easy to drive, work in any room and easily moved anywhere in two minutes and never heard of one breaking .
AND women love them , they are beautiful . I bought all that used, in great shape for around around 1100$, lives in bedroom . I 'm not saying all that because I bought them , hearing all that was why I bought that .
I also have some MMGs and some 1.5qrs. I've always loved the fast response but always wanted mor bass with both pairs. I added dual subs and it was much better... But then I got some used class D amps which provide a kilowatt per channel.. no more problems w bass at all. I have since turned off the subs and only use them for the.. consider blasting your Maggie's w a kilowatt and be perfectly happy w the bass response!! 

1.7 without hesitation if you like mmgs.
The comment made on 2*200w is real, but you could also get away with high current but lower wattage.
I have had mmgs and mg12s.
The mmgs woke up when i powered it with a $200 qsc pro amp 2*280w in 4ohms.  It sounded ok and could play the mmgs at concert levels in the house without distortion.