Just saw Music Direct is taking pre-orders over the phone for the next One Step releases:
Monk's Dream and 
Mingus Ah Um !!! 
I got mine ordered (and they don't charge you till it ships)
Anyone else interested in ordering these? 
vegasears, you are right. But most people will never admit that they spent $300 on a trivial piece of plastic so it becomes the best record they ever heard influencing others to make the same mistake. Having made that mistake several times I feel inclined to warn people that they are more than likely wasting money. 
Hey Millercarbon. I have the original MoFi Beatles Box in pristine condition. All on JVC Super Vinyl. You can have it for a paltry $12,000. 
Speaking of mistakes, I inadvertently order two copies of the Yes Fragile one-step release.  I received the shipping notification for both at about the same time.  They seem to do nothing but go up in price, so I don't mind.
I have a number of pressings from Better Records.  Of the ones I have, I have multiple copies of them. 

In comparing the duplicates, it's no contest!  Better Records pressings are superior.  For example, I have four copies of Oscar Peterson's, We Get Requests.  The hot stamper from Better Records is far superior than my other three copes.  I could go on and on.  That's the beauty of hunting for great pressing.  Every so often you find one at the used record store.  But sometimes ya just gotta have the best immediately! If ya have a rig that can take advantage of the superior pressing I suggest giving them a try. I'd be embarrassed to share with people what I've spent on individual pressings from Better Records.  No regrets. 
For less than $35/ea you can pick up the BlueNote Tone Poet reissues which sound amazing.  Best deal going in vinyl I believe today.