Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status

I recently had the good fortune of upgrading my stock Synergistic Research MPCs closer to Galileo Status by the help of a friend who is inclined to do such work.

He replaces the Synergistic MPC's four cheap, general purpose 1 amp rectifier diodes with four ultra fast, soft recovery IXYS rectifier diodes and the 470uf 50 volt dirt cheap chinese electrolytic cap with a 680uf Panasonic FM extremely low impedance, high ripple current, long life (7000 hrs). It is now a super low noise power supply.

This mod provides better shielding to Synergistic Research cables resulting in more transparency, blacker backgrounds, increased detail and warmth with even lower noise floor than stock MPCs.

I was really taken aback by the improvements mentioned above. When considering the cost of a Galileo MPC, this mod is a downright bargain.

The cost of this mod will be $40-50. I can provide contact information for additional questions regarding components and price.
Recently I sent my stock MPC to Michael , all the way from Malaysia . Shipping cost me more than the mod itself but it's worth it . Excellent turn around time of less than a week. Amazing how a simple mod to the adapter can bring so much improvement to the syst- quieter, denser & definitely more dynamic . No brainer upgrade . In fact this synergistic research active USB cable got me very curious abt the performance of Synergistic Research ...
Last month I had Michael upgrade my stock SR mpc. I now have around 100 hours on it and am very pleased and happy with the results. More dynamic and clear with much darker background. A definite must do. Turnaround was exactly one week. 

                                                      Thanks Michael
fazee, I am very much looking forward to modifying your stock SR MPCs for your SR Galileo Universal Cell RCA ICs, and your SR CORE SE speaker cables. As member folkfreak may have told you, his stock SR MPCs that I modified for him to my latest V2 status, improved the performance even over what he was getting from his Galileo MPCs that came with his Galileo LE speaker cables. They even improved the performance of his SR Power Cell SE line conditioner. As a matter of fact since I recently switched to a different main power supply cap in my V2 mod, (even more dynamic, with a greater sense of scale) I have been told the difference between my V2 modified MPC and an SR Transporter SE is negligible when used with SR Power Cells and some of SR's various active accessories. 
Hi Michael, it's been a long while since I was on A'gon and if there's a way to privately e-mail another user I've forgotten it. I'm interested in your upgrading 3 regular mpcs and also wondering if you can improve a Galileo mpc? But how do we establish more practical contact?

I recently sent my SR Galileo Universal Interconnect Cell and SR Core Active Speaker cables halfway across the world to Michael for the MPC mod, not really having high expectations considering the cost of the mod.

It's been close to a month since I got them back and when I put them back into my system, starting with the Interconnects, there was an immediate improvement to the SQ, with enhanced details and clarity.

After a week or so, I re-introduced the Speaker Cables into the system and was pleasantly surprised when the soundstage, air and noise-floor bettered my Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme cables, albeit just slightly. Bass slam was much improved too and the SQ seems to be improving day by day.

I couldn't understand the improvement my ears were hearing on such an affordable mod, but I am not complaining ;)

It was a pleasure dealing with Michael and I was pleasantly surprised when he sent me a refund for the price difference when delivering the MPC's back to me via regular postage.

Thanks very much Michael.