Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status

I recently had the good fortune of upgrading my stock Synergistic Research MPCs closer to Galileo Status by the help of a friend who is inclined to do such work.

He replaces the Synergistic MPC's four cheap, general purpose 1 amp rectifier diodes with four ultra fast, soft recovery IXYS rectifier diodes and the 470uf 50 volt dirt cheap chinese electrolytic cap with a 680uf Panasonic FM extremely low impedance, high ripple current, long life (7000 hrs). It is now a super low noise power supply.

This mod provides better shielding to Synergistic Research cables resulting in more transparency, blacker backgrounds, increased detail and warmth with even lower noise floor than stock MPCs.

I was really taken aback by the improvements mentioned above. When considering the cost of a Galileo MPC, this mod is a downright bargain.

The cost of this mod will be $40-50. I can provide contact information for additional questions regarding components and price.
pmboyd, to answer your question. I think you would very much enjoy the improvements made by my V2 modification done to your MPC for your SR Resolution Reference digital cable. It will help to bring out even more air & sustain and create a more wide open 3D soundstage. 
I sent to Michael three synergistic research tungsten power cable and one speaker wire element copper for mod.2.

The mod.2 upgrade is great!

The noise floor of my system went down significantly and now I can hear more details and layers in my music.
The Soundstage became more naturally with a bigger 3d presentation.
The sound is smooth and very pleasant , I enjoy the music much more then before the upgrade.

Michael  thank you very much!

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