Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status

I recently had the good fortune of upgrading my stock Synergistic Research MPCs closer to Galileo Status by the help of a friend who is inclined to do such work.

He replaces the Synergistic MPC's four cheap, general purpose 1 amp rectifier diodes with four ultra fast, soft recovery IXYS rectifier diodes and the 470uf 50 volt dirt cheap chinese electrolytic cap with a 680uf Panasonic FM extremely low impedance, high ripple current, long life (7000 hrs). It is now a super low noise power supply.

This mod provides better shielding to Synergistic Research cables resulting in more transparency, blacker backgrounds, increased detail and warmth with even lower noise floor than stock MPCs.

I was really taken aback by the improvements mentioned above. When considering the cost of a Galileo MPC, this mod is a downright bargain.

The cost of this mod will be $40-50. I can provide contact information for additional questions regarding components and price.
A friend brought his modded MPC's over to my house and we compared them with my stock versions in my system. Totally agree with what everyone is reporting. It was literally night and day. Right in front of our eyes the system came much more alive and completely eliminated the hint of brightness that we heard with the stock. I sent mines off to Michael last week and when I get back from a trip they'll be waiting for me. Can't wait. Thanks Michael.
I have several MPC which stopped working, not from abuse, just expired. Any ideas as to why they sometimes stop working and how to bring them back to life? Could this mod solve the problem and make them better?

Crubio, Depending on how much time your stock SR MPCs have seen in the field, due to age, a diode or cap may have failed, in which case my modification would fix that automatically, and would absolutely make the MPC sound night and day better!
However, another possibility could be that, again due to age, you have a thermal cutoff that opened. This part is like a small fuse located just below the surface of the MPCs transformer primary windings. It is in series with the incoming AC to protect the transformer windings themselves from opening. This part replacement may also get your stock SR MPC functioning again. However, I will only replace the thermal cutoff, if needed, with my modification. All the best.

Based the overwhelming feedback on this thread I just sent my MPC from a Tungsten power cable to Mike for modding. Btw, listening now without the MPC and the sound is too bright! After only about 1 hr and I am getting a little pain in my ears which hasn't happened before. My MPC can't get back soon enough!
Just wanted to provide an update...I got my MPC back yesterday. First of all, Michael was great to deal with and worked hard to get my MPC back to me quickly. My immediate impressions of the upgrade is definitely positive. The improvements though subtle are impressive. The background got blacker, there is better audible distinction between instruments, and highs seem to linger in the air longer. Overall it is as if I am hearing more of the subtleties that is present in the recording. For anyone with SR cables I highly recommend this. This has to be one of the best improvements I have ever done to my system. This ranks up there with the addition of an AC regenerator. For $50 its an absolute no brainer.