Modding the PS Audio Directstream DAC MK1 and MK2

I would like to continue discussing all the mods we have created for these two DAC's as it seems PS Audio is no longer allowing discussions about them on their forum.

For reference here is a link to the closed discussion.


If install properly you will not have any issues whatsoever. It’s realy not hard to install with the proper equipment. Pull old transformers and re-solder in the new ones in the same footprint where the old ones came out. No adapter boards or hack job needed.

Installing components like in the photos above is a sure way of making a unit fail. Drag soldering this type of package is a big no no in a production unit. It’s OK for prototyping however should never be used in a customers unit. Did they think no one would ever see this?

Because of the statements made by PS Audio about performance, We will be posting actual measurements of a stock unit vs a unit with APS transformers.We have already posted measurements with the APS transformers installed using the last massive firmware.  That in-house testing screenshot they posted is showing useless information as there is no actual data just a pass / fail. What are the actual measurements? We will soon see.

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"Luckily I don’t see that random PCB sticking out from my pictures of when I opened up my unit".

If anyone opens up their unit and see’s this just put it back together and ask for a replacement unit. It will eventually fail without any help.


Today a PS Audio technical service technician posted an advisory regarding modified DSD Mk II DACs (latest iteration).  Apparently they have had more than a few of these modified units come i for repair. The nature of the repair was an output transformer swap.  PS Audio is not saying what transformers were installed, who did the install, or if the installation was sub par.  These units are failing all PS Audio bench tests and the repair is a replacement bard with the original style transformers installed.  As the affected units have been modified the repair is not covered buy warranty.  A link to the thread provided in the PS Audio Forum is provided for reference: