Moderation/Censorship Poll and surely more...


I'm here over 8 years and back then, I think the moderation guidelines were much lighter than today.  I think it's okay to have all foolish posts of ebm instead of removing part of them IMHO. 

Having that as a fact would you like to

A) Leave it same way?

B) Bring more rules?

C) Decrease rules?




roxy54 is correct. The site can have whatever rules that they want and insist they be followed. The couple of mods here are volunteers and sometimes they delete large groups of posts and accidentally delete a few that are perfectly fine when they get in a hurry. They don't have time to babysit and remind people to act like adults. They also take care of issues with the sales too.What a fun job🙄

A dedication to Tammy, who toils over our excesses and decides who to axe when, when the psyc cats get hissy.

Thanks, actually..... ;)

...@ 4:24....


Be careful not to say anything negative about the advertisers that pay the bills!🙃

+1 ebm is fine.