Modern day female jazz recommendations

We all know the classics from decades ago. What are your favorite your more contemporary female jazz singers of today?

Living close to Nashville I have the opportunity to see and hear a lot of up and coming artists. Nashville is NOT just country music by a long shot.

I'll start with Diana Krall....
I have to "second" the Tierney Sutton recommendations. An earlier poster, last year, mentioned Tierney Sutton's voice as being nasal. I completely disagree with that. Her voice is silky pure. The nassl one, in my opinion, is Stacey Kent.

Paula West is also immensely talented, but unheralded unfortunately.
Kellylee Evans. Her first cd "Fight or Flight" for something new and different. All original songs and an excellent performance and recording.
Wwwrecords, that's an awesome suggestion, she sounds amazing based on the samples at that web site.

Wonder if she will release on LP like so many new artists are doing?
Since I’m into this thread now, my suggestions are ( in no particular order)

Carmen McRae
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Cassandra Wilson
Ernestine Anderson

Peggy Lee
Sarah Vaughan
Dinah Washington.

I know the last three are not modern day, but they have had such an enormous influence on me I wanted to list them.