Modern Fusion - worth a Listen - Aaron Parks

For those of you that listened to Fusion back in the 70's and 80's and maybe have migrated to more traditional jazz,
here is an Artist / Album I stumbled on in Tidal.

Aaron Parks - Little Big. 

I like it a lot - maybe you will too. 
Again thanks for the reminder.
I have that album, bought because of Phil Collins but soon discovered it was much better than just that reasoning.
Time to pull it out and give it a good clean and take it for a spin.

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Chick Corea - The Vigil (2013)

An extended live version of track 2, Planet Chia, here....

Excellent musicianship all around; in particular, soprano sax by Tim Garland (Garland also on Bruford's Earthworks recordings) and an amazing upright bass solo from Christian McBride.  To jump ahead to McBride's solo go to 12:30.  

When listening to the studio album, sensitive ears might want to skip track 5.  You'll know why if you don't.