Modern Fusion - worth a Listen - Aaron Parks

For those of you that listened to Fusion back in the 70's and 80's and maybe have migrated to more traditional jazz,
here is an Artist / Album I stumbled on in Tidal.

Aaron Parks - Little Big. 

I like it a lot - maybe you will too. 
A band that inexplicably didn't get the attention it should've has always been Tribal Tech.  Individually and collectively, these all-stars have been creating outstanding contemporary fusion for decades!  Within the last few years, founding members Gary Willis (bass phenom!) and keyboard player Scott Kinsey have released some of the greatest fusion records of the 21st century!
Gary Willis - Larger Than Life (featuring the white-hot drummer of the decade; Gergo Borlai!
Scott Kinsey - We Speak Luniwaz - The music if Joe Zawinul (also feat. drummer G. Borlai).  ALL fans of Weather Report should own this!

Incredible music played by incredible musicians!  And never forget, Fusion sounds best when the volume's cranked!;)  You'd have a sizable amount of great fusion records if you were into Tribal Tech, Scott Kinsey, Gary Willis, and Scott Henderson,  lemmetellya!
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Here’s a new one

Jazz Sabbath (Just released) 

Not quite Fusion not quite pure Jazz.
Instrumental versions of Black Sabbath songs as I understand it.

Strange story behind it with a twist too. Worth a listen for sure.  
CAB 4 (2003)
dennis Chambers - drums
tony macAlpine - guitar
bunny Brunel - bass

w/Brian Auger & Patrice Rushen guesting on keyboards.

Jam & Toast (track 10)

Check out CAB albums 1 & 2, as well.  There is no '3'.
CAB 2 (2001)

Brian Auger shines on this one; case in point....

Mighta been wrong to have called him guest (as above).  He features on CAB 1, 2, & 4