Modern Turkish music

I have recently been watching some Turkish tv dramas and have been very impressed with the quality of the productions, but especially with some of the soundtracks.  They seem to be a fusion of Eastern & Western mix, which sounds very nice to my ears.  I will post them here and would like your opinions and if you know of any more.  Furthermore, there is one rap song I have listened to which I have also been quite impressed with.  Rap is NOT something I listen to at all, but this one has struck a chord with me.

Note that some of the recordings are actually quite bad but that is all I could find on youtube.  Some songs have hi res versions on Apple Music and/or Quobuz but not all.  If you know of better quality recordings, I would like to know.

Here are some of them.  Since I have not been able to crack the magic of how to add more than one link to each message, I will add one in separate messages.

(If you also know how to do that, it would be great to know)



Well, there is a band from Turkey that I like but it is different from what you've been engaged in. They use traditional Turkish instrument but with electronic effects. They play Turkish folk psychedelic with projected images and belly dancers. They're 'Baba Zula' from Istanbul.


Thanks for letting me know.  I will check them out.  If you have a favorite of theirs, please add it here to this thread :-)



Here's their website;

 'Gecekondu' is consistently good throughout. 'Cecom' is one of my favorite songs and here's the video;

Interesting.  I never knew they existed LOL.  Very different genre.  I would never have guessed.

Thanks for pointing them out.