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I have recently been watching some Turkish tv dramas and have been very impressed with the quality of the productions, but especially with some of the soundtracks.  They seem to be a fusion of Eastern & Western mix, which sounds very nice to my ears.  I will post them here and would like your opinions and if you know of any more.  Furthermore, there is one rap song I have listened to which I have also been quite impressed with.  Rap is NOT something I listen to at all, but this one has struck a chord with me.

Note that some of the recordings are actually quite bad but that is all I could find on youtube.  Some songs have hi res versions on Apple Music and/or Quobuz but not all.  If you know of better quality recordings, I would like to know.

Here are some of them.  Since I have not been able to crack the magic of how to add more than one link to each message, I will add one in separate messages.

(If you also know how to do that, it would be great to know)



Here's their website;

 'Gecekondu' is consistently good throughout. 'Cecom' is one of my favorite songs and here's the video;

Interesting.  I never knew they existed LOL.  Very different genre.  I would never have guessed.

Thanks for pointing them out.

In the meantime, I also discovered this in Turkish pop.  It really affected me.  It is a very simple melody but emotionally it affected me quite a bit.  You can feel the woman's pain coming right through the music.


This guy is also very interesting.  I heard that in his videos, everything you see represents something symbolic in life.  Very interesting to watch:  His screen name is Mabel Matiz.


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