modifications to anthem avm20 and mca 5

has anyone out there had any experiance of having the above units modded by parts connexion in canada. i am considering doing it to both and looking for some feedback.any feedback would be much appreciated.
I have not had any mods done by them as yet though I'm want to get my SF Line 1 modded. I have bought some tubes from them and can tell you that dealing with Chris and all at Parts Connexion was a positive experience. I wonder if there is a mod for the MCA 20 as well. More money to spend now is it?
cosmic void
i already have dealt with them as i purchased a shanling modded level 1 cd player from chris and i agree they are good to deal with.i was just looking for some feedback on whether it would be money well spent for the modifications.the mca 5 is a great amp but was considering going to the sim titan if this dosent work sure they have a mod for the mca 20 as well. they charge 150.00 per channel upgrade on the amps.