Modifications to integrated tube amp: experiences?

Hello Knowledgeable Audiophiles,

I am seriously considering having my Onix SP3 modified.
(I don't know why people sell these amps. I love what it does.)
Does anyone have any experience with the modifiers out there (e.g. Parts Connexion, Hot Rod, or others)?
Who would you send your amp to?
I await your replies and thank you.

you might want to spend some time surfng the av123 forums, as there is a VERY large wealth of information on not only the mods people have done, but the tubes you will want to try in it.

theres a start :)
Thank you, I've read that, but my question was WHERE did YOU get your GE 5751 triple micas and Valve Art 350Bs PLEASE?
I want to know who I can trust to buy these tubes from.

im sorry i have no idea anymore where i got my tubes from.

you might want to surf google there are a few tube dealers that will warranty their tubes.
The best tube dealer I know is Andy at Vintage Tube Services. He offers a money back guarantee and some of the best selection of NOS tubes available. I have bought GE 5751's from him as well as other 5751 and 12AX7 variants.