modifications you have done to ARC REF 3

What modifications have you done to your ARC REF 3.
I know people who replaced the 6H30 tubes to 6H30P-DR and
put in a Tungsol 6550 NOS in the powersupply .What more did you do with which results .Don 't tell me the REF 3 is so good you can't do anything.I think this unit can have more dynamics , without buying the REF5 SE.
Hello Bifwynne , yes it is a DIY upgrade ,I have the schematics of my REF3 and with the help of an REF5se owner
it was easy for me to see where to connect the wires and which components were used ( all components like the ARC originals easy to order at the WEB )Two years ago the coupling caps and the two output tubes were replaced by a high quality output transformer.The cheap and lowclass rectifiers in the highpowerunit were replaced by highclass ones and an extra capacitor added at the end of the 6550 output line to the two output tubes .Up until now I have not been able to compare my REF3SE with the REF5SE , but I think , and what I noticed with other audiofriends , this is a REF5SE and 6SE and 7 SE killer.
Hello forum members, yesterday i received a NOS Tungsol black plate 6550 tube , with date code 57 , replaced the smooth gey plate , and believe me , you all should do that !
Hansk46 - would you expect that if one were to replace the ARC stock 6550 tube with your former smooth grey plate one could expect a similar end result?
hello RGD ,I have done that , with good results ,as it is plug and play you have to give it a try ,the black plate is in my opinion the best and final step forward.
Regards Hans