modified Oppo 105D v. Mcintosh MCD 500

Has anybody done a direct comparison of a Mcintosh MCD 500 v. either a Modwright or EVS modified Oppo 105D for 2-channel redbook and SACD playback only. Pre-amp is a Mcintosh C2500. Amp is Mcintosh 452. Speakers are Focal 1038be. For purposes of this discussion, assume equal price points.

Thanks for the help.
You can buy both of these around the same price. Modded Oppo $1200 +$2200 = $3400 AND you can buy a MC500 used for close to that. I would get the Oppo because you can play any format. Unlike the MAC which is SACD/CD only. Also, they both use the ESS Saber dac chips, Soooo get the Oppo. Mac makes Amplifiers, that's there forte, not cd players , Although the MCD500 is there 2nd from the top player they make. Its pricey new, to buy, it went for over $6,000. way over priced IMO.
I'm interested as it looks like Oppo may be in my future as well. Isn't it boring when comments just sren't on topic?