Modwright Phono stage power supply ugrade

I recently noted Modwright is offering an upgrade for the power supply of their PH9.0 phono stage.  It adds tube rectification to the current supply.

Has anyone gone that path?  If so, how did it modify the sound of the already lovely phono stage?




I did it. The difference is not huge, but definitely noticeable, better inner detail and smoother high end without limiting the bass. Surprisingly, it also seems a bit quieter, counterintuitive when you're adding a tube. The best thing is being able to roll the rectifier, which in Dan's amps can tailor the sound. I really like the 5U4GB over the stock 5AR4.

My unit started out as a PH 9.0X, so results might be a little if you have the base model.

Great, thanks for the information.

I have the 9.0 x as well.

Have you upgraded the umbilicus cable as well?

I also did it. I only had the preamp for a month before I did the upgrade, so I really can't comment on changes in the sound. I upgraded the umbilical to a Triode Wire Labs cable. I think MW was recommending WyWires, but they were too pricey for me. 

I should also add, I've had the Parasound JC3 and Pass XP-15 among a few other less expensive phono preamps. In my system the Parasound was a bit noisy, although it is very good. The Pass Labs was excellent and very quiet. Both have dip switches at the back, which with the configuration of my system, made access very inconvenient. For me, the MW 9.0x is the best of the bunch. It sounds wonderful and is dead quiet.


I did update the umbilical at the same time, with Dan's in-house offering. The new umbilical is substantially better constructed and I'm sure makes some level of improvement, but TBH I'm not much for cable juju above a certain basic standard.