MoFi controversy

I see this hasn't been mentioned here yet, so I thought I'd put this out here.  Let me just say that I haven't yet joined the analog world, so I don't have a dog in this fight.

It was recently revealed that Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs one step LPs are being cut from digital masters (DSD) rather than being straight analog throughout the chain.

Here is one of the many Youtube videos that discusses it


To me, it seems that if MOFI is guilty of anything, it's "deception by omission."  That is, they were never open about the process and the use of digital in the chain. 

One thing to mention is that hardly anyone is criticizing the sound quality of these LPs, even after this revelation.  Me personally, I wouldn't spend over one hundred dollars for any recording regardless of the format.



Optimize, you cannot possibly still be arguing that even RBCD, played on a home CDP, is superior to high quality vinyl reproduction. Can you?

@lewm why couldn't I?

It is not my fault that people compare compressed source material against uncompressed and they think that they compared appels to apple?

I could say the same 

You can't compare lossy LP production to lossless CD?


Ok let's take another angle..

If LP production process steps were lossless why do MoFi need to do several test pressings from their 4xDSD?

They should be able to just EQ and make the DSD as they wanted to sound and send it directly to production, done deal.

No the problem is LP production process steps subtracting sound quality and attenuate some frequency range more than others.

That is ONE reason that they do test pressings. So they can listen and analyze what has been attenuated and then they can boost the DSD file accordingly so the NEXT test pressing will supposedly sound as they would like it to sound from the new adjusted 4xDSD file..

In other words they adjust the 4xDSD file as a tool so they can work around and compensate for the degradation that the LP production process steps introduce.


But I can't understand why it is so hard to understand that?

I am a huge vinyl lover but I do not pretend that it is something else that it isn't. 🙏💕🎶🎼🎵

Given that I have now viewed about half of the "interview" on Youtube, and that it is certainly possible that this question gets answered later on, one thing strikes me as also shocking, and it really is not to do with the digital aspect. These guys at MoFi are taking some huge liberties with the work that was vetted by the musicians when they heard the original recording!! It seems almost as if they are changing the artists and the original master engineerings thoughts intent and expectations, as to what the final product should be. One thing that I would question would be would this be accepted by the original artists IF they knew in advance that the final result would/could be so ’modified’?? Better to the guys at MoFi may not be better to the artists! ( this from an ex-studio pro musician)...

Nonetheless, so far I do seem to see a ’justification’ of this DSD "non-disclosure" based upon the fact that MoFi ( well the guys in the video, not necessarily the rest of the company?) seem to believe that their method is the best option for ultimate SQ. Too bad that this ’opinion’ might not be shared or accepted by other listeners/consumers.