MoFi Release Meets Expectations FINALLY

I have purchased 8-10 MoFi releases in the past year, but mostly I have been either underwhelmed or disappointed with the sound of them. The Pixies Doolittle lacks clarity and sounds really boomy. The Grateful Dead's Live/Dead does not come close in sound quality to the digital reissue. And of the four Elvis Costello reissues I bought, only Armed Forces sounds good enough to justify the cost.

I just got The Grateful Dead's Wake Of The Flood the other day, however, and it sounds amazing. They did a great job with the mastering on this one. Anyone else heard it?
The original Wake was not too good sound wise. I came to this conclusion after trying various copies. Very murky, sounds like cassette. Some cuts fare better than others. When I saw the reissue was available I assumed it would be compomised by the Master Tapes, So this is good news! On a related note, I am unimpressed with the sonics on the new CD of Europe 72 #2.
I agree the original Wake has disappointing sound quality considering how good American Beauty and Working Man's Dead sound. Maybe in this case the MoFi tampering offers an improvement which would be good news. I do have a number of MoFis that I think sound good to very good. Many are long out of print though.