Mola Mola Tambaqui

Mola Mola Tambaqui: gots mine. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it . Gets yer own.
yes - but it is unclear that the scaler + dave is markedly superior to the dave itself

the scaler was co developed generationally with the hugo tt2, i understand from rob watts that those two are truly the most synergistic

anyhow, they are all up in the stratosphere of the best performing digital front ends out there, regardless of price
Yes true jjss49! Someone reported that listen to TT2 and Mscaler and actually prefer Pontus II! That's how I feel when I compare my Ares II to my Qutest. Qutest had a bit more resolution but overall sound thin on my system. I wonder if due to the external wall power supply plug. Thanks for all your help! I will be taking the leap later this week!
How many in this thread who are responding have actually owned a Tambaqui dac?  I have…. It is a superb solid state dac- extremely low noise floor with excellent purity.  Would I own it again?  No question.  
However it was handily beaten in an A/B comparison in my buddy’s system against an Aries Cerat Helene.  The Helene was more open on top and greater musicality in our panel’s opinion.  He has since upgraded to the AC Kassandra II- an amazing dac….  Now keep in mind, these ARE tube units- Tambaqui is solid state, however superb in its own right.  
Aries Cerat is top notch stuff too! When your past $10k it more has to do with system matching and synergy!

I don’t disagree- synergy is key…. In an all-tube system the Tambaqui dac could be great.  Also the volume control on that dac is also very good.  There are few dacs that have a very well implemented volume control.  My Jeff Rowland Aeris dac (w supercap p/s) is another…