Money Well spent

Cables , Interconnect  Rca /Xlr & Power   Not To metion Power conditioners ???? Is we  all  have a shopping bag of left over  cables  WHY  many because  always hoping for that new improvement   that some thing extra   My most $$ power cable a well know company  VD i have retailed for 1,200. 00 back in 2017 Hi Fi award  all that stuff  you like  a new Car of the year  again . so  who make s  great cables &  NO i Don't want Garden Hoses  behind my audio rack that  don't bend or are so heavy they have to tired up in order not pull down &  fall out  do i have to go on & on  NO i don't think so  i have NOT been BLOWN Away  as of Yet  just   NOT  satisfied  Good News Is my Wallet is so thin it doesn't heart when i sit down G mann