Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Home Cinema Value


I recently moved into a new rental property and the layout is absolutely awful for my speakers as the TV is under the stairs and the rears would really get in the way. I've lost the battle with my fiancé, and as a result, I'm thinking of selling the speakers (or storing them in the garage for 2 years). Does anyone have any idea how much it's all worth now? Everything is in excellent condition.

• Monitor Audio Bronze 6 (floor standing speakers)
• Monitor Audio Bronze 2 (bookshelf speakers)
• Monitor Audio Bronze centre speaker
• Yamaha RX-V481 AVR
• Speaker stands
• 14m Chord Company C-Screen cable (I think this is 2 x 6m for the rear speakers and 1 x 2m for the centre)
• 2 x 2.5m Chord Company Clearway cable
• 2 x pairs Cambridge Audio Premium Banana Plugs
• 3 x pairs Cambridge Audio Banana Plugs

Sorry I don't but you should check out E-bay.  You should absolutely sell them. They'll take up a bunch of space and in your next place you may or may not... just not worth the hassle.
I’ve got slightly different take on it. Break off the engagement and you don’t have to sell anything. Plus you’ll save a bunch of $$$/hassle (not even including the future divorce) and likely be much happier in the long run. It’s a win all around. If she balks you get what you want, and if she walks you probably saved yourself many years of suffering and compromise. Tinder is free and doesn’t give a damn where your HT is located, and if it pisses you off for any reason you can just delete it for free with no expensive lawyer required. Just another way to go FWIW, and best of luck!
@erik_squires thanks, I will check out eBay. Maybe I just list the lot starting at 1 penny and then, hopefully, they go for what they are worth.

@soix thanks for the advice, if my fiancé wasn't the mother of my dog, then maybe your plan would work but I couldn't do that to my dog. 

Ah, what we won’t do for our beloved pets. Seriously though, you can go on and search to see what other people are selling your equipment for, if there is anyone selling them. That’d give you some idea, but generally used stuff sells for 50% of retail give or take depending on age, condition, desirability/demand, etc. Again, best of luck and hope the dog’s worth it.
@soix, thanks. I'd searched for a website like hifishark but the best I could find was eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Hifishark has given me the values I need.