Monitor Audio Made in China?

I just bought a Monitor Audio Silver RS-LCR and it says on the box "Made in China". I thought monitor Audio speakers are made in the UK.
100 years ago, "Swiss made" was the mark of a third rate watch and the best watch you could get was American or English. 50 years ago, the best-made cars for the mass market were American and British with some continental European mfrs just behind. 35-40 years ago, Japanese cars were seen as third-rate cars in terms of quality. 20 years ago, some people frowned upon Taiwan- and Japan-made computers and computer chips. "State-of-the-art Korean-made chips" was seen as a contradiction in terms.

In 2007, I challenge someone to tell me which American watch-makers compete with some of the better European makers in terms of quality. If you wanted a car to go 50,000 miles with NO service other than oil/tire change, which US maker's car would you choose over a Toyota? (ever notice how many American cars are exported to places like Africa, the mid-East (other than Hummers), and Asian countries where dealer networks aren't thick on the ground?). And when you need to buy a PC, I dare you to find one where it is possible to find every part made in the US, at any price.

"Made in China" may not yet be synonymous with top quality but it is not synonymous with top price either. In the large scale, the caveat "you get what you pay for" remains true in mass-market products.

Peronally, I avoid China-made processed food products and health products. I do so for my own peace of mind. At some point, I am sure that I will be won over, the same way I am sure I will be buying African-made shoes and electronics when my seven year-old's children are buying their first TVs too.

I agree with Alan Blinder that "globalization is good for the world" and I agree with his assessment that for Americans, the next step of "globalization" may be worse than the last one experienced over the last 10-20 years. What is good for the average is almost never good for the above-average (GDP per capita for example). Americans have to wake up and smell the coffee and figure out what their competitive advantage is. A job is, unfortunately, not an inalienable right unless one lives in a society where jobs are subsidized by loss of other freedoms.

End o' rant.
Dredging up an old thread here, but I'm interested in assembling a list of speakers that *aren't* made in china, taiwan, or otherwise outsourced. I started to think about it, then realized I didn't know too many. Especially one's that have offerings in the somewhat affordable range, like sub-$1,000. Totems are all made in Canada, I'm under the impression that Paradigms and PSBs are too, though I find it hard to believe. Would love to hear of other ones, big or small.
Green Mountain Audio Europas were $999 factory direct last time I looked, and are excellent speakers, if somewhat aesthetically-challenged !
Even for those who think unions should be eliminated (which for the most part, they have), do you still think non-union manufacturing in the US can compete with workers at $0.50 a day? For the people who sit back and say "it doesn't matter where it is made" they obviously feel comfortable and insulated, and believe that they will never personally be affected by the ongoing trend of moving manufacturing oversees. Think you are above it - wait until it knocks at your door. It is not just manufacturing, as it continues to move up the food chain through functions like R&D and everything associated with technology. I will pay twice as much for something made in the USA if I have to. Next time you ask why, you should also ask yourself what you think your children will do for a living 10 or 20 years from now?
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