Monitor Audio Speakers

Any thoughts or input on the Silver Series?The S8 floorstanding,how do they compare with others in the $1500.00 price range?Any input is appreciated.Thanks
I have the S8 before I upgraded to the GR60, and I have to say that for the money, nothing can come close to them.
I had them matched with the Unison Unico and they sounded FABULOUS.
They tend to be a little bright in the beginning, but please be patience and let them burn in for about 200 hrs.
Good luck and please let me know if you have any other question.
I had the Silver 7i's and they became fatiguing within 2 months. They were fine for when I ran the TV through them. Great for dialog but, for 2 channel music, ugh! COuldn't get rid of them fast enough.
I had the M.A. Silver 8i for almost a year and as long as I kept the volume level moderate they sounded just fine.But when I turned the volume up they sounded rather harsh .MY amp is Mckormack dna 125, 125 watts, the amp is rather forward and solid sounding. Otherwise they were revealing and harmonically correct.
Before deciding on the DALI Suite 2.8's (retail $1175), I was fixated w/ the Wharfedale Evo 30s until I auditioned the Monitor S8's, Rega Jura and the Dali Suite 2.8 w/ my Roksan Kandy MKIII & NAD 521i CDP. The one thing that made me decide on the Dali's are the smooth highs and warm mid band. The S8's on the other hand while dynamic w/ huge soundstage & deep bass, the highs were a little bright for my taste. The sales rep did mention that they need a long burn in time. So do yourself a favor & auditioned as many speakers in your price range w/ your gears. Most hi-fi shops are usually willing.