Monitor help.. I know I iknow... lots of threads

I just moved from a house to a small condo.. I sold my vandy iice's because they were too big for my main living area. Now I want some monitors for my new room which is about 12x20 with a slanted vault connected to the kitchen and dining room.. a mess.
Anywho.. not much of a budget Im looking at $500 or so right now for just the monitors and a sub later on.. Pass labs Aleph 3 and an Onix xcd88 run thru an old Eico tube pre amp...
So, what I want are airy light highs with lots of definition.. shimmering cymbals.. but not fatiguing seems to me every monitor review I read does mids just fine so Im not worried about that. Bass is not gonna happen in my budget. Am I gonna find something in my range if I give up bass?
if you could find Sound Dynamics 300ti's bass could happen on your budget and very nice mids and highs too. These are engaging speakers, very listenable...

I was pleasantly surprised at $375 for a mint used pair.

also easy to drive, my NAD 326BEE is plenty...
Have you thought about picking up a pair of Vandy 1Cs? They just sound so good for their price point and are about one third the size of the IICE. You may not even want to add a sub.

I have not heard them, but Vandy also has a bookshelf speaker called the VLR wood. Unfortunately you may not find a used pair and new they are the same price as the 1C.

Good luck.
Well I was going to recommend the pair of Triangle Comete ES speakers which were listed today but when I went to get a link I see they are sold already. They must've been a good buy.
Check out the Monitor Audio Bronze BX2...they just got Whathifi Product of the Year. I'm gonna grab some myself.