Monitor Stands - Made of Stone


I recently purchased a pair of Dutch & Dutch 8c monitors. 

I'm very disappointed by the lack of well designed (and aesthetically pleasing) stands on the market. So being an architect I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own. A very good friend of mine who’s very talented stone mason has offered to help me build a pair of stone pedestals.

I’m curious if any of you have been down this road and what type of stone you’ve used and what the results were?

I’m going to use Live Vibe Audio products beneath the monitors to displace resonance/vibration into the mass of the stone pedestals, which will yield much better results than anything placed on my 2nd level wood floor. The pedestals I’ve been told will weigh 200+ pounds each and are just simple rectangular extrusions of the monitors footprint. 

I welcome all thoughts and ideas.



I agree with @ronboco - nice post.  I appreciate how you acknowledged how the concept of a "spring" can cover a wide range of elastic devices.

The spring may be anything “springy”, from elastic, rubber, coiled steel, straight steel, air-bladders to flexible wooden strips. As long as it has sufficient spring or compliance, when optimised with an appropriate mass, a mechanical low pass filter is realised.


In my system, your isolation technology (speakers bars and seismic platforms for components) are audibly superior to what they replaced, Isoacsoutics Gaia and and Orea. It appears Isoacoustics Gaia does transfer too much energy to the floor for example, as overall midbass through midrange clarity was greatly improved over the Gaias. Also the Isolation Platform was audibly superior to that of the Isoacoustic Delos platform under my Clearuadio Ovation table. Townshend makes effective products. The representative I dealt with (John) was efficient, friendly enough and the transaction was prompt and seamless.

I watched both videos which were very good. But he only addressed vibration and from what I’ve read here if the cabinet and drivers are both moving back and forth there will be smearing. Has anyone experienced this? 

Consider physics and ignore the rest. In my opinion a speaker would perform best id anchored to bedrock with concrete and rebar. Anything less is just not physics so your idea to use stone is brilliant! Go for it a smile as you man who understands physics! You will be rewarded in spades with fantastic sound. The speaker base interface comes to mind though... peace