Monitor suggestions?

An unexpected, modest budget improvement means I can (possible) address what I perceive as both poorly controlled bass and an overall lack of clarity.  Yes, I realize I raised this before but I think I have a better handle of the problems at this point. 

I suspect the first issue is due to insufficient damping factor on the part of the the Wells Majestic integrated coupled with an inherently difficult-to-control lower range in the Silverline SR17.5 monitors.  

The second issue is most likely due to the dark and somewhat cloudy tonality of the Aqua La Voce 2 DAC. 

I'm looking into upgrading the Wells but here and now, I'd like suggestions on changing speakers. 

Budget: $3500 (used is fine)

Cabinet: Sealed box or downward firing port. 

Lower extension (ideally) down to 35HZ

Neutral to somewhat cool (but not approaching analytical) tonality 

Placement constraints: Backs of speakers cannot be more than three feet from back wall
and will sit atop 32" stands,(which means no 3-way or otherwise extra-tall cabs).


60% acoustic (Jazz, Folkish, Celtic, Singer-songwriter, New Grass)
40% electric (Jam Band, Americana, Blues, Country).

So far, Elac Vela looks like a possibility.  What else ? 

I plan to assemble an entirely new system within 5 years. I'm just looking to make listening less frustrating for the present. 



I've found a dealer who sell both Proac and ATC and am waiting to hear about availability.  

BTW, he said it's a "myth" that ATC's are power hungry. I'll just have to use my ears to determine whether they'll work with my integrated. 

Thanks to you and all who've contributed to this thread. I appreciate your input. I feel I have a clear sense of where I'm headed with the system, now. 

The Tannoy Legacy eaton is considered a monitor speaker, despite its rather large and unconventional size. Although it may be several thousand above your stated budget, If you can stretch it, it is well worth it.
@ stuartk , here's one from left field...
Soundfield Audio Monitor 1 V2.

Controlled directivity
Active 8" subwoofer with bass down into the 20s, and user controllable amp.
Sealed cabinet
Well within your budget

I have not heard this monitor, but the version 1 of this speaker received excellent reviews from real users across other audio forums.

Here's one review on the version 1:

Great, if you could demo anything from each brand that would be best, as basically all Proac and ATC 2-ways have the same house sound.

ATC recommends 75w min for the SCM19/20; it has 85/886db sensitivity vs the D2’s 88db, so the Proac will be louder at the same volume level. They both have similar impedances and won’t dip too low; an easy load in terms of current demands for any solid state amp. On the flip side, the ATCs will have higher power handling; less distortion and clipping when you want to crank it.

Another big difference is bass. Being ported, the Proac will reach lower beore its tuning frequency but then bass will fall steeply below that. Being sealed, the ATC will have better transient response (tightness), not going as low, but its rolloff is much shallower. I’d say the Proac should give you more bass down to 40hz before that sharp rolloff, the ATC about 50hz. The ATC will be less upset by acoustic issues from proximity to room boundaries, and the waveguided tweeter should have better off-axis response. It’s generally easier to integrate a sealed speaker with a sub if you go down that route in the future.

The Lipinski L707 is a beautiful monitor with double 7’ woofers, sealed and will give you 35hz. Is advertised used from time to time. Former class a rated in Stereophile. Not selling mine :-)