Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?

Category: Speakers

Just getting started here. Currently I am looking at:

o Joseph Audio RM7si MK2s
o Monitor Audio Gold Reference (GR) 10s

It is a mid- to large-sized room so a sub will likely eventually be paired. Music selection will vary widely with an emphasis on Jazz and Blues, most likely sourced from a universal player to be deterimed and amped from either a Unico/ Unison Research or a nicely moded Jolinda 302B.


o Which would your pick be?
o What else should I look at?
o Which amp would you pair with?

Thanks so much!
If you are looking at monitors in this price range then I would recommend the offerings from Proac. There should be three speakersd which you should consider listening too. They would be the Tablette 2000 and the Tablette Reference 8 and Reference 8 signature. These monitors just "sing" and they just disappear in a room. If you are going to add a subwoofer to your system then any of the three would be a wise choice, the 8 signature being my favorite. The midrange will be classic british sound, not thrown right in you face, but just suspended right in the soundstage, and the amps your looking at will have more than enough juice to satisfy. There have been serveral reviews on the 8 signature and they are all very positive, check out MF's review in a recent Stereophile. The ultimate choice would be the next replacement for the Response 1SC.

If you have to chose between the Joseph audios and the Monitor Audios I would eventually go for the monitor audios, because there is no doubt that they are the better engineered speakers, even though the JAs are excellent and more exclusive, the monitor audio will leave you more satisfied.
Good choices, but please add Spendor to your short list. You can get a pair of used SP 1/2s or the slightly smaller SP 2/3s for this price, and either will offer a musicality far superior to almost any speaker made -- regardless of price.
I own the Greem Mountain Callisto. They are at the top of your price range, but are well worth your time. They are easy to drive (I'm using 15 watt of tube power) and throw a huge soundstage. I swear I can hear the musicians play the notes. I have purchased more music and spent more time listening than ever before. They also have a demo program, but be forwarned. I doubt you will send them back. Good luck!
Their web site:
Harbeth Compact 7ES used or Monitor 30 used....find a dealer, bring your music....sit back and just listen,