Monitors for 14 x 20 Room

Hi All,

My wife inherited a home she wants to keep. It has a 14 foot by 20 foot living room. The front wall is on the 14 foot width and the listening position is 11 feet away.  The 20 foot length opens to other parts of the house about ten feet from the front wall on one side.

I am currently using an old pair of Paradigm Titans connected to a garage sale Niles SI 275 amp, Luminous Axiom II Passive preamp, and Sansui  TU717 tuner.

For a cobbled together second system it is marginally okay but I want to start the improvement process. If you believe Audio Science Review, the amp is a bargain at $100; and I know the Luminous preamp preamp. Yes, the source leaves something to be desired.

My thought is the speakers are the place to start. The speakers with the 75 wpc amp are fully capable of blowing me out of the room. The problems are that the speakers lack high end detail and nuance, the bass stops at 60 HZ, and I think I hear distortion everywhere.

My main speakers are Klipsch Forte iv's and Zu Soul Sixes as I try to figure out which I prefer; having made a decision to move to higher efficiency speakers and lower power amps.

So...I am looking for monitor speakers that are not large, would be happy at no more than 50 wpc in the future, get down below 50 HZ in the bass, and have a cleaner treble.

Speaker budget is $1,000 and used is fine. Your suggestions, please!






Wharfdale Denton 80th anniversary monitors on good rigid stands.  I have some in my bedroom system and sound great.  I tried them with a Simaudio Moon I-3 and it was a very nice combo.  I got the I-3 while my other preamp and amp were getting serviced.  I might be selling the I-3 as I have plenty of gear already.

Look into the Totem brand, many good examples of smallish speakers that under the right circumstances fill the soundstage and are non-fatiguing 

I am not familiar with your amp so I can't say for certain it would work with the original KEF LS50's but I can say the speakers are excellent.  Used ones can be had for $600 to $700.